How I can get an estimate of American Acp "Impact Windows and Doors"?"

American Acp "Impact Windows and Doors" will meet you at your home, at your convenience. We will bring samples to examine your existing doors and windows, and educate you as to all options that are available to meet your needs. Once you are fully educated and determine which product you would like, we will provide you with a written estimate. For an appointment call 7869256218 or complete our online form and we will make arrangements at your convenience to schedule an appointment.

How do I compare one hurricane window with another?

This is a major investment, so take your time to do your research before buying. Some important criteria to look for when making a decision are: regulations approval, design pressure, glass criteria, technical installation and warranty.

Can I buy American Acp "Impact Windows and Doors" and install it myself?"

American Acp "Impact Windows and Doors" products are all made to measure to your exact specifications. We sell to you directly, but by choosing to install the products yourself is subject to losing our product warranty and pay the sales tax. Our guarantee is a huge value, and when all the additional hidden costs associated with the installation of our products, you will realize that the extra cost of having our professional technicians install their products is a minimal extra.

When comparing products, how I can know that they have the approval of regulations?"

All regulations approvals are not identical. Regulations approvals can be for many different products and based on several different factors, including location, ownership and use of the product. Comparing approvals regulations, make sure all products are approved specifically for impact, by a government agency such as the renowned Miami-Dade.

How do your products compare in price with other national brands?

Our products are competitively priced in the market. We are not the cheapest, nor are we the most expensive. However, we will offer the best value by giving high quality products and professionally installed with the most comprehensive warranty in the market.

I compared prices around and found that American Acp "Impact Windows and Doors" is more expensive. Why is that?"

If you are making a comparison with a company that buys products in standard and custom size and that does not give complete finishing work, American Acp Impact windows and doors will be more expensive. However, compared with companies that do a thorough job, have insurance, a staff of qualified product installation team, and ensured products, our prices are often lower than that competition. This industry is no different than any other, the more money it takes to create a superior experience to met or exceeded your expectations.

Do I have to have a building permit?

Under no circumstances should you agree to install the product without a issued building permit.

How does the permitting process works?

After signing a contract a customer must sign a permit application, this application along with product approvals will be sent to the city for approval. The city approval is based on the right products specified for the location of the property. Upon review and approval of the city a permit will be issued for your property. Before installation, the permit must be posted in the workplace, once the installation is finished the municipality will receive a notification and a final inspection will be carried out. A representative of the window and door of Florida will meet with the city inspector and review the work. At that time the city inspector will approve the work and permit will be ended.

What is site specific engineering?

Several municipalities require specific engineering with regard to the form of hurricane protection you have chosen. This often occurs in homes that are over three stories or multifamily units as condominiums and apartments.

Will my security system keep working?

During the installation of window and door, the security system will be detached from the window frame. The wires will be left exposed; we are not an alarm company. Therefore, we will not reconnect the alarm system.

How do I get a premium reduction of my home insurance when I buy hurricane protection products?

Contact your insurance company for Mitigation Application storm. This form must be completed by an approved professional. Once the product is installed and the application is completed and submitted you are entitled to a discount on your insurance.