Getting an Impact Resistant Door/Window Installed


Andry Cruz

7/24/20182 min read


Do you feel threatened inside your own house? You will when you see what a wind blowing at 200 mph with strong hails can do to your doors and windows. Extreme weather conditions can shatter the ordinary glasses on your doors and windows. Not only do the splinters act as a risk to small kids and pets walking around unsupervised in your house, but living in a high-impact area frequented by hurricanes can lead to a recursive expense of repairing shattered doors and windows time and again.

Why Install Impact Doors and Windows

Keep your family and your little heaven safe. Add that extra layer of protection by getting impact doors and windows installed. Apart from shielding the structural integrity of your house against hurricanes, these special doors and windows also protect you against intruders and burglars owing to the extra thickness employed in them.

Impact doors also do a great job of absorbing heat and sound. Impact doors and windows come with thick-layered glasses bound together by polyvinyl membranes. These membranes act as excellent absorbers of loud noises. Not only this but in areas where temperatures tend to soar and dip by the extremes, impact glasses minimize the extreme heat and cold, keeping your habitual conditions just right for you to reside

How to Install

Once your brand new impact resistant door or window (or both) have been delivered to your doorstep, installing them is as easy as 1-2-3. You need to first disassemble your existing window from the frame and keep it aside. Next, you will have to determine the placing of your window by dry fitting it into the frame. After you find the perfect position for your window, you can mark the frame at appropriate places for assistance during the actual installation process.

For the actual installation, apply a sealant along the outside of the opening. Then, place the window within the frame properly using the designated markings you made earlier. To add an extra layer of protection, apply a good-quality silicone caulking along the outside edges of the frame on all the sides. This will prevent air or water intrusion through the door or the window.

Approximate Costs

Depending on the layer of protection you seek, an impact resistant window can cost anywhere between $ 500 to $ 1000. For a door, this price ranges from $ 1500 to $ 2500.

Hire Our Experts

As easy as the installation process may seem, installation of such critical pieces of equipment shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is advisable that you hire professional installers to complete the process for you while you sit back and tap yourselves at the protection you’ve chosen to offer to your family and your home.