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This privacy policy applies to each of the sections and pages of all the hosted web site under the domain of

The purpose of this policy is to inform all users our biggest concern is the protection of the data of the visitors. At American Acp Inc

We store information (only the name and email) of visitors that requested the inclusion to our mailing lists to receive information or reports offered on American Acp Inc Home Cleaning and Office cleaning at United States

We only send information to the person who asked for it, in particular, that have been signed by completing the form and/or who have requested one of our services, however you can unsubscribe any time.

In addition, we will be stored only your name and email address. The data supplied by you and collected by our web site are protected in order to prevent access to the same of unauthorized persons.
Collection of Personal Information American Acp, Inc Home Cleaning and Office cleaning at United States

The visit to this website can be done without revealing any personal information, however under your own decision you can fill out the form that is hosted in any section of the web page, one of our major concerns is the protection of the data of our users. Only your name will be stored so that you can customize the messages that we will send you and the e-mail address; such information is protected in order to prevent access to unauthorized persons and beyond this website.

In addition to give your email as offered, we will send you promotional e-mails of the products and services that we sell, with the opportunity to leave them to receive at the time that you wish.

Your data will be not shared, rented, published, or sold, both online and off-line because we respect your privacy and we do not spam. We use the services to store the emails from the company “AWeber Communications” which is one of the leading and most recognized world wide

After accepting by our own decision to fill out the form that is hosted on the web page, you may at any time unsubscribe or disabled as an easy way and simple (explained in the next section), a procedure that gives you low of the site, it will be removed from the database and you will not continue to receive notifications and/or future recommendations with respect to the order of our page.

Users who have decided to unsubscribe may not be subscribed again without the express written permission.

Procedure to be disabled or unsubscribe. American Acp, Inc Home Cleaning and Office cleaning at United States

To remove your details from our list of subscribers and disable to continue to receive notifications, you will have 3 options:

1. – You may at any time ask us to remove your information from the database through e-mail to
2. – Also you can do this directly and automatically through the auto responding, in each of the emails you receive, in the final part of the text of the message, the option to unsubscribe with just a single mouse click.
3. – The other way, it is manually, by answering any message received from our part where expressly quickly be removed from our list of subscribers. This is a non-automated procedure that can take up to 2 working days to be deleted from the list.

Cookies -Remarketing
Our page use some files called “cookies”, which identify you when you return to our website and to give them a more customized treatment and relevant to you.

At any time we use the function of announcements of remarketing, where our advertising platform of Google AdWords enables us to identify through your IP address to be able to display ads of remarketing regardless in which web site you are browsing, known as advertising on display.

The protection of privacy is one of our priorities, so we offer you full transparency on the information that we collect and how we are going to use that information. We not collect, sell or share personal information identifying users from cookies of publication of ads without your consent. American Acp, Inc Home Cleaning and Office cleaning at United States

The user has the possibility to configure his/her own browser to be warned of the reception of cookies and to prevent their installation on his/her computer. Also, the user can check in his/her browser what cookie has installed and which is the expiration date for the same, as well as delete. Please refer to the instructions and manuals from your browser to expand on this information.

If you prefer that ads do not appear based on your interests in web browsers that you use (announcements of remarketing), you can click at any time in the button “Disable” the Administrator preferences of advertisements. When accessing the Internet through a web browser, Google also offers you a range of options to permanently save the disable configuration in your browser. Once you have disabled the option, Google will not collect information on categories of interest and you will stop receiving ads based on your interests through Google when accessing the Internet via a web browser.

You can disable the use of cookies by Google AdWords and analytics to the visit the configuration of Google ads that you have at present. You can also disable the use of cookies from external providers of the opt-out page Network Advertising Initiative (in English).

If you want more information about this regard I invite you to learn more about the complement of disqualification for browsers of Google Analytics.

The Cookies of Analytics from Google Inc. allows you to perform analyzes of the Web Site collecting metrics of the navigation of the user such as the duration of the visit to the web site, pages visited, geographical origin of the user, between other metrics.

We cannot assume any responsibility in case “hackers”, which can cause an abuse of your information, may permeate this page, or our system of storage of data. However, we assure you that always do everything we can to protect our system, with the technology that is available to us in order to prevent this type of violation.

Privacy of the children
Our web site recognizes the privacy interests of children and we encourage parents and/or guardians to take an active role in the activities on the Internet of their children. American Acp “Impact Windows and doors” DOES NOT have as objective store information of children under the age of 13, NOR collects personally identifiable information from children under 13 years, if we discover that any of our data belongs to a child younger than 13 years, automatically we proceed to delete them from our system and database.
See the Web page of the Federal Trade Commission) (in English) to learn more about how to protect the privacy of their children on the Internet. American Acp, Inc Home Cleaning and Office cleaning at United States

Terms of conditions
On the following links, you can access the “terms and conditions”.

Additional Information
Our web site you can track the total number of visits, number of visitors to each page, the IP addresses, the external Web sites that connect. We can use these data to find and analyze trends with statistics, but does not include personal information.
Each time you modify any aspect of this Privacy Policy, these changes will be reflected in this same page.

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